Motherboard repair

Gigabyte GA-KANSC-939
No beeps, no power on. Power supply test good.
Only symptom is two transistors near main power connector get very hot. One is a 3.x Volt regulator.
I pulled 4 caps from the immediate area an all test ok. No caps appear blown.
Probably a lost cause but maybe someone has an idea...
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  1. How did you test the PSU?
  2. I have an asus a8n sli deluxe mobo,,its kinda old...The problem I'm having is that all of a sudden the mobo did not recognise one of my hdds...and it was booting up real slow.

    What i did was...i switched my hdd to another port on the mobo and it was recognised again..?

    Does it mean that my mobo hdd ports are playing up??
  3. same thing happened with the usb keyboard and mouse were not detected....switched to other ports and they were recognised again? any possible cause or solution to this problem....

    from this day,,,those ports are not recognised???
  4. jsc said:
    How did you test the PSU?

    I have a PSU test device that draws current and measures voltages. Also I tried a second PSU that was known to be good with the same results.
    BTW, I looked up the hot transitsor and it is a 3.x Volt voltage regulator so I am guessing something in memory controller is shorted. Looks like the board is just dead and headed for the trash pile.
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