Budget Eyefinity build - Buying soon!

After much debating I have decided to do an eyefinity build for under $2k. The parts below are a mixture from Newegg and Tiger Direct, to take advantage of TG's 12.8% cashback right now. Please give me your opinions, keeping in mind it's solely for gaming at 5760x1080. Prices are approximate after any tax and cashback.

Dell p2310h (3): $650

CM 690: $60

Asus P7P55D: $40

i7 860: $245

5870: $410

Corsair 750TX: $90

Spinpoint F3 500GB(2): $110

http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16820231193 - $95 (Better options? Should I go with 8gb?)

CPU cooler: Help me on this, I want something cheap and easy to install for a mild OC

I think all the above is around $1,700. I can spend more but my ultimate goal was to build an eyefinity capable machine, today (so availability of 58xx is an issue), at the best price.
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  1. Last I heard, ATIs crossfire drivers still dont support eyefinity. Right now the 5970 will do it with its beta drivers and ATI is expected to release drivers that will work Q1 next year.
  2. Yes I remembered that so I edited. I think a single OC'd 5870, CF in the future, may be the best idea. Also cheaper right now. I am sitting at $1900 including RAM, OS, and cooler (full build).
  3. 4gb is all you should need for gaming, as is an i5 instead of the i7 860. Cas 7 or 8 ram would be a few percent faster than that cas 9. For i5 you need ram rated for 1.65V or less.
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