New CPU/Motherboard/RAM now, or wait until after Christmas?

Hi all, I'm looking to buy a big upgrade for my current computer, and I've decided on some components.

I'll be getting:
Athlon II X4 620 CPU
2GB DDR3 memory

NCIX has the motherboard on a small rebate, and the CPU at the same price point as But their shipping is cheaper than Newegg's by about 7$. It comes down to 209$ shipped at NCIX, and 222$ shipped at
Should I go for this now?

I guess my main question is whether or not these components would see a big drop in price on Boxing Day. Anyone have experience from previous years?


PS. I live in Canada.
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    You're forgetting if you're out of B.C. you pay 5% tax to NCIX. Or you pay 13% to egg regardless of where you live. That's the only incentive for me to shop at ncix. After July, 2010, this incentive will be gone. Read HST.

    2 gigs are kinda low by today's standard. If you run Vista/7 basic, it's ok. For Aero, your best bet is 4 gigs.

    If you plan to use the IGP (onboard gpu), it's a good buy. Otherwise, look for a full-size ATX with no IGP like Gigabyte GA-MA770-UD3. Then throw in your discreet gpu.

    I've been waiting for a deal on the 620 + AM2+/3 mobo for reusing my ddr2 on a family pc. It's been months. I don't see any deals. The $8 shipping this week is for $100+ order. Not incentive enough to make me upgrade the family pc to quad. I think I missed out the ~$225 Phenom x4 940 + mobo. The mobo was practically $40. Regular price $100+.

    Go for it, but do price-match at ncix with
  2. Thanks p55, I also realized that CPUs and motherboards rarely get huge rebates. Newegg seems to have some combo deals that may save me 15$, but it's not really worth waiting for. I'm gonna get the CPU and the motherboard very soon.

    There seems to be more rebates for RAM though, so I might wait for that.
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