Water Cooling with Aluminum Plates

Hello again friends!
After the success of repairing my previous (almost fail) I've decided to take on a project. I want to begin a PC project of my own modeling after an In desk custom computer I found while browsing!

For my project I'm going to make it all fancy and look nice with lights and stuff lol.
Right now my predicament is, for aesthetic purposes I want to use a liquid cooled system. I play lots of games like Diablo III and Starcraft, some FPS, and want my PC to run smoothly and cooly, so will aluminum water plates be okay on my components that I want to make liquid cooled, and what components would most benefit from liquid cooling and which would air cooling be enough (budget considerations).

Thanks a million!


PS: If this post is in the wrong place just let me know so I can move it :)
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  1. Moved this into the watercooling forum.

    Before I preach about using aluminum in contact with coolant and other metals in a loop being a very bad idea...what is your plan, exactly? I'm trying to get a grasp of how you are wanting to do all this...do you have a diagram of sorts?
  2. yes pleases explain, I use aluminum to make adapter plates to attach the blocks to the board but if this is your first build I don't see how this would be the issue your having.
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