EVGA nForce 730i or 750i

What would you go with? EVGA nForce 730i or 750i or 750i FTW??? Speak your mind! the SLI is not that important to me so highlight everything else you think is better, important and efficient as a gaming motherboard!

I'm planning to run whichever I choose with 4x2GB:


Thanks for helping me decide!

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  1. Why are you building a new computer from old tech?
  2. I never said it was a new build. I am transfering my GTX480 Q6600 from a BTX to an ATX and I need a cheap motherboard since I will be transfering to i7 in about a year. Please focus :) Thank you!
  3. I would go with the EVGA 750i FTW out of the group, as it was the newer of the chipsets and the Nvidia 750 chipset was the less buggiest of all of them.
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