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I just read that 5770 Vapor-X is now available. I am wondering if it is possible to crossfire 2 Vapor-X 5770 together just curious. I might consider buy another 5770 in the future to crossfire. I have an XFX 5770 on its way to my house right now. Can you crossfire something like Sapphire 5770 Vapor-X and XFX 5770? I don't plan on doing that, I am just wondering if that works. I am still waiting for reviews, if it's not that great I'll just end up two XFX 5770 crossfire in the future if I have the cash...

My motherboard by the way, PCI-E 2.0 16 and 8x, performance won't decrease that much with one 8x right?

I have a wireless PCI card and might get a PCI-E TV Tuner too, don't know how big 5770 is yet, it's in shipment! still waiting for it to arrive! I think I will have enough room to crossfire two 5770, wireless card and TV tuner, or do I? I just need some reassurance :D

Thanks in advance,

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    Should be possible, but the question is more if two card setup would not choke due to their intern coolers.

    You can crossfire two cards from different makers. Unlike Nvidia, crossfire work with all kind of cards, it's called hybrid crossfire. It's not really popular because you are losing performance on your faster card to run at the same speed as the other one.
  2. From your picture, I can see that you got a PCIeX1 slot a little higher of your PCIX 16 slot. You can easily crossfire 2 without putting anything beside the 2 cards.

    Your lowest PCI slot will be free for your pci card.
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