Want to overclock but ram is making a problem

i have a e2220 and i have a kingston 2x1 go ram PC2-6400 and a 1x1 go Qimonda ram PC2-6400,the computer is prebuilt ofcourse so no bios overclock options,so i went trough setfsb,and i saw someone with 2.93 ghz E2220 trough setting fsb at 250,default is 200 i can set it to 230 no problem but when i set to 240 the computer freeze,my ram timings are 6-6-6-18,do i need to change them in order to overclock further?also my ratio is 2:1
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  1. The problem here would be the Vcore. Since you raise the FSB the CPU would require more power. If you can't change voltages in the BIOS, which is likely, I don't think you can go further
  2. you need more power on the CPU or motherboard. Vcore and MCH voltages. If you cant set those, you wont get anywhere unless that chip is special.
  3. The problem is when you raise your fsb your raising your memory frequency to a speed it's not capable of.

    You need to either unlink your dimms from your fsb or change the dimm ratio so that the ram stays at or under 800mhz.

    I highly doubt you need a voltage bump to run a 2.4ghz cpu at 2.9ghz. I had a 1.86ghz core 2 duo and I ran it for years at 3.4ghz on stock volts.
  4. but i cant set the vcore/voltages if i have oem motherboard,right?
  5. you may get lucky with a program called SetFSB, it didnt work for my board but I hear it works for some.
  6. it works for me but i cant set the vcore/voltage trough it only the fsb
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