Christmas gaming/longterm computer

Well basically I am asking if this will work for gaming and longterm, if it will all actually work together, and if maybe there is a better alternative with the same price?

I have keyboard, mouse, speakers, PSU(500w), and a PNY 8800gt XLR8 (or atleast it appears so) gpu this is the buying:

or is this mother board somehow better?
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  1. Your wishlist link is bad. Only you can see your saved wishlists.
  2. In addition to fixing you link, you need to edit your post to follow the format in the "How to ask for new build advice" sticky at the top of the forum. There's some general information that we need to know in order to offer any meaningful advice.
  3. well here is the correct link for the newegg wishlist

    though looks like you forgot the PSU

    +1 shortstuff_mt, OP make sure you use the sticky to ask for build advice
  4. well thanks i made a new thread, is there a way you can just delete this one?
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