New christmas gaming/longterm using new and old parts

APPROXIMATE PURCHASE DATE: Next few days; put together at around the 25th. budget is 650-750 AFTER rebates
SYSTEM USAGE FROM MOST TO LEAST IMPORTANT: Gaming,videos, internet,random computer hobbies like animation?

PARTS NOT REQUIRED: keyboard and mouse, speakers, PNY 8800GT slx8, the closest PSU to the one i have:

PARTS PREFERENCES: intel cpu i think

OVERCLOCKING: maybe If it turns out later it needs it?


ADDITIONAL COMMENTS: this is what i have so far with the above

Thanksfor any help!
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  1. Ugh ok that build is a

    go with

    total $566.93

    Then go to a microcenter and grab an i5 for $149.99

    Then find a college student and go to and pickup win 7 premium or pro for $30.

    total $746.92 -$10 MIR=$736.92

    shipping is another $32 so total=768.92, a tiny bit over your $750 limit.

    You should really get a new PSU and GPU, which I included.

    If you can't find a microcenter near you, could drop the PSU i guess and pay $199 for the newegg one. That'll also put your total right at $750

    Edit: Alternatively, and for that budget, you may wanna go with an AMD system and sport a better GPU. I'll let one of the AMD guys pull together that build for u.

    id buy the windows 7 through that site.
    I like the new gpu, mobo, and love that i5 cuz its better, but the new psu, can't i just go with the one i had? i feel like im wasting my old parts now... Besides it says on back its 12V 45a single rail shouldn't that cover it?

    ed: BTW that was very helpful of you!
  3. Caviar Blue is the slow, cool & quiet model. You should get the Samsung F3 500GB as it is a newer, faster HDD.

    A PCP&C PSU with a single 45amp/12V rail should be fine.

    For about $30 more you could upgrade that 5750 to a 5770 which is 50% faster, or just keep your 8800. A 5750 wont be much faster than an 8800.
  4. took your idea for no no psu and the 5770 (which i so appreciate that find) I will order within 24 hours :D.

    Is there a need to select someone as best answer as both of you helped alot and saved me xxx amount of money?
  5. Naw, I say just drop the PSU from my order and throw in the i5 and upgrade to the 5770. It'll come out to $760 including the shipping which is like a lunch more than your $750 limit =D

    (I'm in NYC lunch is expensive here >.<)
  6. It totals $730 but yes 760 with win7; Thanks I think I will order the pc now :D
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