Z77X-D3H overclocking (bios question)

Hi guys, Ive got my new rig up and running (yay!+)
Ok ive got my new cooler yesterday evga superclock...which im VERY impressed with so far idle speeds are very low ive seen my cpu temp drop below 20C with a average of 25-30c after running prime95 for a hour its sitting at 50c (with intel cooler it was at nearly 80c within 5mins)

Ive got good case cooling also and ready to start my overclock...im not after braking any records but i was hoping to get some were near 4.5ghz maybe??

The only thing im not to sure about is what to disable in my bios....ive looked about on the net without much luck

So if anyone has done overclocking on this board or the ones in the same range from gigabyte could you let me know what i need to disable etc

Thank you for any help in advance :)

btw i have the 3750"K" chip
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  1. youtube Is your friend just search for overclocking a "3750k" on what ever board your on and some one will have done a guide on youtube..
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