Phenom II x4 965 worth buying?

Im buy a new graphics card and i was thinking of getting a 965 along with it. Im buying a 5850 and my current CPU is an Athlon II X4 @ 3.3 this rig is going to focus on gaming only. I wont be doing CPU heavy apps. I play at 1920 x 1080 and while i was reading some reviews on my CPU, most of the gaming benchmarks had no difference when compared at a high res. So is it really worth it?
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  1. if you already have an athlon II x4 @ 3.3GHz you wont notice a significant difference with the PII, your CPU bottleneck should already be well above the point where it matters. Tom's did a review a while ago and showed that athlon II's and Phenom II's at the same clock speed only have a slight performance difference between them.
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    The 965 is pretty much the best gaming cpu you can buy, but the extra frames you'd get over the X4? It's not worth it no.

    Simple fact is, the X4 overclocked is more than good enough at high res gaming. The more you push the graphics, the less the cpu matters until it gets vanishingly small.
  3. This sure helps and you just saved me 170 bucks

    Thanks for your answers
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