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Hey you IT guys at Toms, I am currently toe deep in a computer build, and I'm laying out a basic design plan. First off, I am trying to decide on a processor and motherboard to use in it. Intel's new i5 processor looks promising, but a bit pricey with the motherboard it has to go with. Should I use this processor, or use an older, less expensive processor? The computer is going to be used for work, Quickbooks 2009, MS Word & Excel, and some other business programs.

If I should go with another processor, which one would you use?

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  1. i would always suggest buy newer if you have a choice...

    the intel i5 should be fine for what you want to accomplish,

    However if you are looking at going cheaper amd is the budget company.
  2. for what you are doing you dont need much at all
  3. Usually... the newest tech is always better than old tech.
    Ie. Buying the newest and cheapest is often better than the old top dog.
    Why don't you look at an i3?
  4. or an athlon II x2
  5. Yea thanks I think Ill go with the AMD Phenom II X4 925 for $140. Do you think this is a good choice?
  6. yea that is a great choice
  7. i have the 3.0 ghz version and it does more than enough for me gaming is Gerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreat!!!!
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