Need a gaming rig for about 600 dollars

hey guys, christian here. i am looking to build my first desktop pc. im 14 years old and im getting about 600-700 dollars for christmas. i was wondering if you can hook me up with the best parts. i do not need a monitor. i want to be able to run combat arms and wow with no lag... not at the same time and be able to dual monitor. dont really need speakers sense im hooking up my tv to the computer so ill use those speakers. so thanks for the help
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  1. hey boy, good choice you made there to make your own PC rather then off the selve

    Personally, i recommend a athlon II 2.9 Ghz X2 chip with like a HD4850.

    For case Id say take a antec that comes with 350w PSU. For mobo pick the cheapest asus, gigabyte, foxcon or MSI that suits the AM3 socket.

    If you are short on budget you can always just get 2 gb DDR3 instead of 4. Just dont forget to plug in another 2 gb over the summer, when ddr prices generally are lower.
  2. For 700$, you can get a good gaming PC.

    I would go...

    Athlon II X4 620
    Asus M4A785TD-V
    OCZ 4GB Platinum DDR3 1600
    Radeon HD4890 (try to find one at 170$ on sale)
    Corsair 550VX
    Cooler Master Centurion
    WD 500GB Caviar Black HDD
    Samsung or Sony DVD burner

    Trust me, a 4890 will fullfill all your gaming needs at 1080p if you don't include Crysis at Max setting of course (can any graphic cards solution render this game anyway?)

    Have fun
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