NEWBUILD, Phenom Callisto + Gigabyte or Asus Mobo ?

Hey folks, I need a little advice,

1st off I've built a dozen or two Rigs, so I'm no dummie when it comes to building a new rig, (I have 3 running right now at my house and I build the ones at my job, plus several others for my friends) but I'm kinda curious about you guys opinions.
Reason being is, I've been coming to this site for awhile now and have read some good tech tips and made dam good use of them, so I figure you all are real and smarter than me.
So, that being said, I want to put a new rig together, (I just ran into some extra cash) I want to use an AMD Phenom II X2 3.1 Callisto CPU, I've read a ton about how Overclockable they are, when matched up with the right mobo, like the Gigabyte 785's and 790 mobo's and the Asus 785 EVO mobo, the one that has 2 PCIe runnning at 16X, plus a PCIe 1, plus 3 PCI slots, takes DDR3 also.
I've read good reviews about both makers on those boards but I'm not sure which to go with ??? Because I'm definetly going to Oc it....hard, I have a Water Cooling System ready already... by Thermaltake

I'd love your input.

I'm also looking at the ATI Radeon 4850 or 5500 serious Vid card or maybe just a GT 96 or 9800, or are the 250's good ??

oh yeah, all this is going in a Black NZXT Nemesis Elite Case

holler back big boys. help me out here so I can get the biggest bang for my bucaroos.


P.S. if any of you all have any NIB parts like this ...lets make a deal. I have a Pay Pal account
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    I'm not sure about the boards but I would ask what games, or any other uses for the computer. Many these days would benefit more from an extra core in the same price range than the high powered dual core - but not all. Some might say the good sweet spot is an in between powered tri-core.

    As for the video cards, it again depends on the games both now and in the future. the 4850 is at a good value for the money right now and is definitely a good buy. the 9600 and 9800 are rebranded 8600s and 8800s and will perform as such. The 250 will about be on par with the 4850. And I'm not sure if you made a mistake when you were typing or not but the 5500s will perform way below the others. you'll be wanting to look into the 5700 series to be on par with the 4850.

    I hope that helped some and that others can help more.
  2. Kool , thks so much for the reply enzo.

    I only really have been playing a few games like WOW, COD, Blackhawk 2, and some other Flight SIMS, plus a bunch of Racing Games, (I love my flying and Racing games, I'm not much of a 1st Person Shooter, but that has been because my *** wouldn't make it happen or look very good or act fast enuf) using my current old school system, to the best of its abiity, (AMD 3500 2.2 with a Radeon HD 2600 512mb Vid Card, Samsung HD 220 Wide Screen monitor@ 1680x 1050, DVI, WD500 GB SATA Cavair Black 32MB and 2 gigs of Dual channel 3200DDR ** now I have overclocked this old *** a bunch= the CPU from 2.2 to 28575Mhz, its on water, (26C idle-37C as hard as I can go, I've pushed the ATI HD2600 Pro 512MB to 650MHZx450Mhz, and kept it stable, in my BIOS I dropped the 200mhzDDR to 166Mhz so when the FSB got jacked up, its running at more than the normal Dbl data rate of 400mhz, like 428 or something, I do have an intake fan and an a PCI card exashust fan and a HD twin Fan, plus a twin fan crab thingy on my Patriot RAM to keep things kool, plus everyting is UC Sleeved: wire & Molex's ) but I want to do more, .......

    I have a lot of Games that have way better graphics and I need a better Processor/mobo/Graphic Card combination to run at the MAX capabilities, and I want to go MAX. Like I said I got some xtra cash....

    yes you were right, I am wrong about the 5500 serious Graphic cards I was thinking 5700 for sure, like 5750... or I think the 4850 would be great, I'd like to keep it all AMD/ATI

    Any preferenece with a Gigabyte board or the Asus ?
  3. Pick up the gigabyte with the 790 chipset !!
  4. Well that was what I've been leaning towards, there both about the same bucks, how do you like the overclocking abiltiy of your board
  5. which one are you using shravankale ?
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  7. brainpup said:
    which one are you using shravankale ?

    Sorry for replying so late....I'm using a Gigabyte motherboard with 785GMT chipset
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