Dear Community,

I dl movies and tv shows from the net, and want to watch them on high quality.

My friend watches the same videos but from his PS3, so it upscales the quality.

IS THERE ANY SOFTWARE PLAYER THAT WOULD DO THAT FOR THE PC? A player that would play videos like vlc, windows media player, or gom player BUT UPSCALES THE QUALITY?

must be free, of course. =D =PP

thnx, dudes.
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  1. Video players already upscale the video if you maximize the video player to your screen resolution. You can't add "quality" that isn't there in the first place. Even the PS3 just interpolates, the question is what the interpolation algorithm is used (bicubic, bilinear, lanczos, etc).

    Most likely the best interpolation method is already used in vlc, media player or media player classic (which is bicubic, i think).
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