hi there i was wondering 2 things first of all ..........will it ddr3 1600 make much difference compared to ddr3 1333
and also i was planning on building an i7 920 which takes tripple channel ram of which there are many sets ......but i was wondering if it will make any difference if i bought 3 seperate strips as oposed to a tripple kit or if it would end up being the same thing ?
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  1. Not much unless you are an experienced overclocker.. And what is your point with getting single RAM sticks.. As much as i think they are not available that way, i believe its unnecessary also.. Companies mostly match all the three sticks so its safer to get them in package.. G-Skill, Kingston, Corsair, Crucial are reliable brands.. Don't end up getting some low quality stuff just to save some bucks.. It won't be worth it..
  2. There won't be a noticeable difference between DDR3 1333 MHz and DDR3 1600 MHz, apart from in benchmarks. Lower latencies would make a bigger difference, although as with RAM speeds, CL7 won't be noticeably faster than CL9.
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