AMD 965 125w Temp Isuues?

I just installed my 965 125w.. and have it clocked to 3.8ghz on an asus board. i have a zalman 92mm copper cooler (huge thing). Im running idle temps of 44-46c and load temps of 62-66c.

Why is this running so hot? i dont understand it.. ive ran prime95 for 5 hours with no errors..
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  1. It's running so hot because:
    1. You have a hot 125w TDP CPU
    2. You overclocked it to 3.8GHz, which means it will exceed 125w TDP
    3. You have a 92mm cooler instead of the larger 120mm coolers

    With all those factors combined, your load temperatures actually aren't too bad.
  2. So do the 125w run hotter than the 140's? I have now been running prime95 for about 12 hours at that 63-65c and no errors... I kind of just want to know if it is safe to run continuous at those temps
  3. Generally yes. Lower power envelope usually equate to lower temps.
    I'd personally feel better if my load wasn't so close to the thermal max which is around 70-ish if I remember - but, if your load temp looks stable and safe.
    Try turning on C'n'Q if you haven't. It should drop your idle temp a bit and sometimes will cut the temp when your running a limited threaded app.
  4. Cnq is off.. I think at 3.8ghz I. May need a bigger heatsink.. the weird thunk is at stock clock I'm at 42c idle and 58c load.. and at 3.8 I'm only raising to 45c idle and 63c load
  5. How's the ventilation in your case? I've also got a 125w rated 955 with a small 95w rated Zalman 9500 cooler and at 3.6 my load temps max around 44-48c tops, but... my case also has two 250mm side fans that alone could tame an exposed P4 :)
    Seriously try CnQ. As far as performance goes, it only degrades it by 0.5% and that is the 500 milliseconds it takes to go from 800MHz on all four cores to 3.xGHz.
  6. Um.. I have a 120mm in front 120mm in rear.. 120mm in powersupply.. and 92mm on side... the heatsink fan is also pointed towards the ps so it sucks the hot air out the ps out the case.
  7. How do you guys think the thermaltake v1 would work with the 965?
  8. I have that same heatsink for my processor and it works wonders though you literally have twice as much wattage consumption. I would turn fans on high and direct more airflow away.
  9. I was also looking into the termaltake SpinQ.. please give opinions
  10. anybody?
  11. bump. I need to know v1 or spinQ or neither
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