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I currently have windows 7 Ultimate and i'm using an ATI 4850. My plan is to get a 5870 very soon. I'm using 9.11 for drivers now for the 4850. My question is, would i be able to just toss in the 5870 and let it rip? Or should i uninstall drivers/reinstall?
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  1. It should work fine,because both are ATI cards,but if you do a clean install of a new driver it would be better
  2. @ Maziar

    Not sure but dosent it have to associate the drivers with the card ?

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    Windows will asgign the latest compatible drivers with the card when it detects the card. The CCC will just pick up the info from these drivers.

    Sometimes you might get into an issue of windows installing whatever drivers it finds first, but generally it should work just by having windows find the drivers. You will still have to direct it to install drivers when it says new hardware was detected, but you should not have to run the driver install package.

    That being said, it takes 15 seconds to uninstall the drivers, and a minute tops to isntall them again. You will sae yourself possible head ache by donig it that way from the start.
  4. mactronix said:
    @ Maziar

    Not sure but dosent it have to associate the drivers with the card ?


    Well if he already has cat 9.11 installed,it isn't needed to uninstall the driver and reinstall it because both cards are ATI,but its recommended to do a clean uninstall
  5. Id still uninstall then reinstall the drivers just to be sure that you wont run into any problems down the road.
  6. The safe bet is to un-install the driver and install it again after putting in the new 5870.
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