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Ok I recently purchased a hauppauge hd-pvr and I am going to buy a new HDD and a housing to store the HD video... I have narrowed it down to 2 HDDs

Western Digital 2TB 32MB Cache Black Caviar

Western Digital 3TB 64MB Cache Green Caviar
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  1. Right now is a TERRIBLE time to buy a HDD. main difference between the 2 is that the Black Caviar spins much faster and gets better speeds then the green. I HIGHLY recommend Black Caviar drives (got 2 2TB drives myself)
  2. I have the two WD Green Caviar Drives. One is 1.5TB, the other is 2TB. They playback HD video to a single device fine and could easily a second device. Don't know how many feeds you could record at once though.

    The black drives are faster though, so get whatever fits your needs.
  3. Yeah just like prvtchurch said, right now it is indeed a terrible time to buy a OEM HDD.

    But one thing here.. why the heck would someone need speed if he is just going to use the disk for storage purpose only ? :S
  4. B/C he has a HD-PVR which records HD video with little compression so he will need high data transfer rates.
  5. nordlead said:
    Don't know how many feeds you could record at once though.

    That's an interesting question, anyone with the Ceton card have any input?
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