NVIDIA Driver is not installing for windows 7

NVIDIA Driver is not installing after I intalled windows 7 it is saying "The system has not been modified". The techguys of pcworld are saying i should reinstall Vista
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  1. I have the same problem. How to overcome this problem?
  2. you guys, play around with visual studio recently?

    sometimes the the visual studio 2005 files can be overwritten/altered and if the installer is using those files it just quits.

    was happening to me when i tried to install the ati drivers because i installed visual studio 2010 beta, ended up downloading a hotfix from microsoft search in the microsoft knowledge base for it
  3. If it won't install correctly, go into safe mode to install the drivers. I have installed Nvidia drivers on win 7 a few times now, and for one install, I did use safe mode and it worked like a charm.

    To get into safe mode, hit F8 several times after the bios screen before windows starts to load up.

    Also, before doing any of that, uninstall any video drivers you have installed.
  4. Windows 7 do not support & suitable many of Dvd driver(Ex:Graphic card), Pc game,software,program & others bcoz it is still very new windows & not yet stable .It will stable maybe for another 5/6 month.
  5. I guess that could be his problem. Are you trying to install off a DVD or CD? Or are you downloading the latest nVidia drivers from the web?

    Try downloading them from here: http://www.nvidia.com/Download/index.aspx?lang=en-us
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