New build, OS load issues

Long time lurker, second time poster, first class nublet.

This is my first custom PC project and, though proud though I am, I know when I ought to ask my elders.

So here's the thing: Brand new build, just created yesterday and everything boots up just dandy and all seems to be going smoothly until I hit the Windows 7 splash screen. As soon as I hit the splash, BSOD for maybe half a second before the computer auto-restarts. It goes to BSOD so quickly, I can't even go into safe mode.

So, here's the build:

CPU: Intel i5 750
MOBO: Gigabyte P55M-UD4
RAM: G. Skill Ripjaws 4 GB (2x2GB) DDR3 1600
HDD: Western Digital Caviar Green 750GB
PSU: Corsair 650TX
Case: Antec 300 Illusion
OS: Windows 7 32bit RC 7100
and oddly enough..
Video Card: nVidia 8600GT, 256MB

It's also important to note that I have actually been able to perform system recovery attempts just fine--it's just when I try to run the OS normally, it dies on me.

The drive runs just fine on other PCs: I installed Windows 7 on the drive from another computer (which is now scrapped).

And the OS load problem persists with all drives with all SATA drives. I connected a Hitachi Deskstar 250GB with the same Windows 7 build and I still can't load the OS but I can load the system recovery. On IDE drives, however, I connected a WD Caviar Black 160GB with Windows XP Home 32bit SP3 and everything loads but I can't use my mouse nor my keyboard.

I've also tried running the rig with just one RAM stick and I get the same problems. I haven't tweaked with the built in MOBO settings either.

I need tickets off this failboat, friends. Help me out.
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  1. Seems like you have a virus on your operating system or the operating system wasnt insall properly the first time. If you have the windows 7 cd try reinstalling it
  2. Best answer
    The drive runs just fine on other PCs: I installed Windows 7 on the drive from another computer (which is now scrapped).

    Did you re-install it on your new computer, or did you install it on the old computer and just move the hard drive over. If the later, that will not work (unless you run a repair install, and that isn't guaranteed to work). You should format the drive and install windows7 from scratch on the new computer.

    If you have already done that and are still getting issues you may want to check the hardware. Insure that the cpu isn't overclocked, remove all but 1 stick of RAM, manually set the RAMs timings, and try installing windows again.
  3. @kyeana

    HELL YEAH! tried what you said, sans the 1 stick removal and its golden. Thanks.
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