Hi :) ,

I need your help.

I will buy a Gigabyte X58A-UD3R for my new build. Im confused about the Memory Compatibility for this mobo.

This is the situation:

In the Gigabyte site I readed that the X58A-UD3R needs Memory of 1,5v. I will work with audio and video, for this Im thinking in get some 3x2 GB 1600 Memorys. The problem is that all the rams that I saw in my search are 1,65v.

I dont know what to do because Gigabyte recommends 1.5v but all 1600 memory are 1.65v. I dont want to overclock. I just need a stable system of quality to keep in the future to delay the upgrades (money is and will b e an issue :ange:).

In other hands, Gigabyte has a specific List of Memory Compatibility that is very restricted. This is the link:

Please help me here! :)

What do you think about? what ram do you recommend for this Mobo?

Remember, Im looking for something stable and I dont want to overclock.

Thank you!

J.P. :hello:
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  1. The very restricted QVL is as you said, very restricted and there are many more kits that you could use. GIGABYTE recommends 1.5V, but 1.65V memory is fine. Grab any 3x2GB kit, if you're not going to overclock then there's not much difference between 1333 MHz and 1600 MHz.

    Here's a 1600 MHz CL8 kit:
  2. Hey Lmeow,

    Thank you. I dont want overclock because I want to get the most life of the components plus I never did it before.

    Researching, I discover that all brands have a Memory Configurator, so I used it and I discover that for the x58a they recommend 1,5v always like a "normal" option. 1,65v are listed like overclock in all the sites.

    Like I said I dont want to overclock. I discover some Corsair memory that is available in my country: TR3X6G1333C9.

    What do you think? is a good option to go 1333?

    Thank you!
  3. Bump!, I need your help guys! thank you in advance :)
  4. Running any memory kit will run by default at 1066 MHz and at 1.5V upon first bootup and whatever latencies the board decides to use. I suggest the kit that I linked to early. I'm running my G.SKILL Ripjaws 2000 MHz kit at around 1066 MHz with 7-7-7-20-1T timings. If you're really that concerned, then buy a low voltage G.SKILL Eco kit or Kingston HyperX LoVo. I can't find any triple channel kits, but if your Corsair kit is 1.5V, and as I said before, really that concerned, then just buy that instead. Just so you know you can run memory at lower voltages if the speed is lower then recommended.
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