Budget MOBO w/ AGP + Core 2 quad

I just bought Q8300 and found it was not compatible (old mobo was P5PE-VM). I'm looking for a budget motherboard (max 80 dollars) that has AGP, and core 2 quad. In other words, it will be compatible with an ATI Radeon 4670 AGP, and Intel Q8300. So far, newegg.ca only has the AGP motherboard.


Is that motherboard any good? And is asrock any good? I've never heard of them... And if anybody can find me a good AGP motherboard with Core 2 quad support (socket LGA775 aswell) I would appreciate it. Thanks a lot guys.!
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  1. Try selling your old agp card on your local craigslist. It's free. The asrock board works, just limits you to 2 gigs of ddr or ddr2. 2 gigs will barely run windows 7. Why not do a proper upgrade and ditch the agp? Newegg has plenty of pci-e video cards for around $75 that are faster and will permit you to run faster and larger capacities of ram on a newer board. They also have plenty of boards for about the same price as the asrock, such as a g41 or p43. If you need to purchase ram, go with ddr3. It's only about $20 extra for 4 gigs. If you get a pci-e card, go with evga or sparkle. They offer a lifetime warranty for registering online.
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