Question for overclocking the 3570k on air

i was just curious on is it safe to push my 3570k too 5ghz on air? i have the noctua nh-u12p. my current clock is 4.8ghz with 1.27 volts so could i push it further? it does pump out some heat and have only had my chip installed for the past couple of days and heard it needs time for the thermal paste to set or something but when its pushed to 90% usage i get low 60c up to 70 for one core but varies.
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  1. Make sure you are doing proper stress testing. answer wait a few days to let the thermal paste set. use prime 95 blend test.test for 3 hours on that 100% load. if no errors or bsod continue. remember that ivy cpu has to be below 90c temp for best results
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