ASUS Update Utility corrupted my bios p4b-m

So i just used ASUSupdate to flash the bios on my old p4b-m mobo - It successfully erased the original bios, and failed to install a new one. Now it doesn't boot - Is this mobo DEAD or is there some way to save it?
I was trying to update the BIOS so i could put in a fast CPU :(
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    I do not know how old your M/B is, but it may have Asus Crash Free BIOS. Pls read M/B manual. With this system, you should put bios.rom file on a USB flash stick formatted FAT32, insert it into an USB port and restart your PC. If your M/B has Crash Free BIOS, it will reflash itself.
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  3. Sadly it does NOT have the crashfree bios :( I think that would've fixed it, though.
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