Which is the better GTX 670 card?

I'm currently looking at purchasing a GTX670 and I have two options. Zotac or Palit. I have never heard of either company and I was wondering which card is better. Thanks in advance :).
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  1. You're not specific on which cards.
  2. The Palit one you listed has an aftermarket cooler which should keep the card cooler. The Zotac one is a reference design. Both are good. If you prefer to have the hot air exhausted out the back then pick the Zotac. If you don't mind the Palit one blowing hot air into the case then get the Palit one. If you have good air flow in your case, I would recommend the Palit one.
  3. The cards are linked, but I should of probably listed them down in the post. I think I might go with the Palit one because its almost $70 cheaper and I have a 500R which provides some really good airflow.
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    Palit Jetstream GTX 670 2GB is a better has an amazing after cooling design and it overclocks better than a reference's a review and it receives a solid 9.7-
    i hope now you can make your choice and good luck with your build ;)
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