Flood of Windows Event Errors

I'm not familiar with hardware, but this is something I've never encountered before. First, a rundown of my specs:

PC, Intel Celeron CPU 2.3GHz
dual-boots: Windows XP Pro, SP3 and Ubuntu (forget the version, Lynx I think)
Three HDs:
80GB internal, which hosts OS's
160GB internal, storage space
1 TB external, storage space

The story:

Yesterday I was backing up some things on the cloud, and in the process I was shuffling and manipulating files on all three drives. I left the computer running while I slept so it could upload, and when I awoke I was greeted with a delayed write failure on my external. I opened Windows Event Viewer and found a whole flood of these messages, occurring while I slept. They occured in "bursts", for example seven errors at say 7:40 am, then ten more at 8:12am.

These errors were delayed write failures and transaction log flush failures.
Application popups mention my external 1 TB. When I tried to access files on the drive, it said it couldn't find the folders.

So after freaking out for a moment, I switched to Ubuntu and ran a full SMART self-check, and apparently the drive is fine. Ubuntu can access the files and there doesn't seem to be a problem in that OS.

I have no idea what might've caused this. My computer was uploading files from the main (80GB) drive, and as far as I remember the external wasn't in use, so I don't know what it was doing. My only clue is an error that occurs immediately before the "error flood" begins:
"An error was detected on device \Device\Harddisk2\D during a paging operation."
I'm not sure what disk "Harddisk2\D" is, and I don't know where to look up that information on Windows.

I've disconnected the external since then, until I can backup the data on it.

I feel I should mention: While checking the disks in Ubuntu, SMART for my main 80GB HD listed one bad sector. This HD is about eight years old, so it doesn't surprise me if it's failing, but might that be related to what happened?

Any ideas?
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  1. You should be able to pinpoint which HDD is in question by going to Disk Management (run, diskmgmt.msc). It should show a list with Drive 0, Drive 1 and Drive 2. Drive 2 is the one that had those errors.

    One bad sector shouldn't matter much so I doubt these errors are caused by that.
  2. Thanks drevin. Disk 2 is my external. Could the paging operation have led to the errors?
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