Computer Shuts down immediately (RAID)

Greets all,

I've already read similar threads related to my problem (computer shuts down immediately on startup, no BIOS), but I have another question....

I have a RAID array of 4 HDs and another HD which runs WinXP. The shutdown problem has happened before and I disconnect the RAID drives and startup. It then loads to WinXP fine. I shutdown and re-connect the RAID drives, then restart and it works fine.

BUT: now even this does not work. The same immediate shutdown problem is happening even with just the single HD (with the OS) connected.

My question is:

1) If I reset the BIOS by taking out the battery for 1 hour will it affect my RAID setup? Could doing so damage the data on the 4 HD's that constitute the RAID array? (its the striping type array)

Thanks for any help!!
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  1. So let me get this straight, if the hd are disconnected they are physically removed from cabling to the board will they know that you removed the battery from the motherboard?
    Well of course they will they have eyes you know, look how close they are to the motherboard.
    If you try it don't say anything because I understand they have sensitive hearing as well !!! nah they won't know guaranteed.
    Sounds like you may have a drive controller problem or chipset to be specific, hope not, it's less likely to be the power supply unless it only affected the 5v line.
  2. The reason I asked this is because BIOS has control settings for RAID! If the BIOS settings are re-set it could affect the way the RAID array is set up. Right???
  3. I guess I would try resetting the BIOS but thats a wild guess frankly...

    And I have moved RAIDed drives between PC's many, many times without issues. If you unplug them, just make sure the power is off and you reconnect them in the right order (the number of people who cannot even do that amazes me). This even worked between motherboards running XP and Windows 7. Your results may be different....!!!

    Could be 5V is an issue - need to replace the PSU to verify
    Could be the RAID driver is not right - you said you were using XP?
    Could be the RAID controller on the motherboard is not right - can you move the array to another controller on the same board - they sometimes have 2 controllers.
    Could be a drive beginning to go bad. Not a lot of options in these arrays
    Could be system RAM believe it or not - take the array out and test the RAM with Memtest. The amount of RAM changes, what is loaded etc...and sometimes you hit a weak cell.

    Good luck
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