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Please Help with Fan Choice for Radiator!

Ok i've got the money to do an order tommorrow and I was hoping to get a few answers and peoples insights before I buy the gear.

I've decided on getting a Hardware labs Black Ice GT Stealth 360 Radiator and I wanted some peoples opinions.
Which fan would you get from this website to accompany the above radiator?


if there's no answers by the morning i'll stick with my default choice

I'm also getting a shroud so just another thing to take into consideration.
Cheers Guys!

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    If you are putting shrouds on there then you will get the best effect, allowing you to slow them down a touch, I reckon you won't go far wrong there, but I doubt the Dba rating, I'm just cautious hehe
    remember your fancontroller can help
  2. if you are using a fan controller I would get these

    they are not expensive and if you keep them at 1200 RPM and less they are almost silent.

    and to further save on expense consider a fan/radiator shroud the fans in a pull configuration from the radiator will perform as well if not better than the push/pull configuration

    I took it a step further and use even smaller fans and still get the same performance.
  3. Cheers guys that helped heaps :) ill contact the mod to get this thread down as i have now made my order. thanks for the help :)

    Also bigcyco haha i love your display picture i havent seen that in ages hahah
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