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So, first system is up and running, as well as such things as CPU-Z to check temps, etc. Also have run prime95 to test cooling, seems pretty good sofar at stock settings (25 degrees idle, 39ish on full load at 3.2 ghz, AMD black 955 BE). Now, before I tinker with any overclocking, I wanted to bech in a little, to see what gains can be had once I do overclock, for comparisons reasons. Any reccomendations on your favorites to run? I know their are a millon out there, just looking for the more popular, and hopefully, free ones, as well.

- C
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  1. Super PI, 3d mark vantage, furmark
  2. And don't forget memtest to to test memory:

    Its best to let it run overnight - and you should have 0 errors after 8 hours if memory is stable.
  3. Ok, will have to check those out. Thanks for the suggestions, and feel free to suggest more! Heard Cinemark at least USED to be good, any one still use it or is it outdated!

    - C
  4. Oh, and one more thing, There is a deal for PC Mark Vantage and 3D Mark Vantage, both advanced versions for $25, is that a good deal, or are there free equivalents that offer the same types of tests?

    - C
  5. Read Thrashers post (third one down)

    Everything on it is still valid, just grab the newest versions.
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