Trust psu 600 watts

trust psu 600 watts is this psu any good for i7 msi pro-e board 12gig of ddr3 ram ati fire gl high end graphics card, im building a work station
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  1. Never heard of the brand. These are the brands I know work pretty well: corsair, pc power and cooling, seasonic, enermax, antec and ocz. If "trust" is manufactured by one of these other brands, then it might be ok. Look for the 12v amp ratings. They should be 18-25 amps for multiple rails, or 35-45 for a single 12v rail.
  2. Get a PSU by the above mentioned brands.

    Don't trust 'Trust' :)
  3. +1 Corsair, pc power and cooling, seasonic, antec and ocz brands.

    Try the psu calculator at depending on what GPU you get 500-600w will be plenty.
  4. I checked a power supply database. I did not find anything.
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