Gigabyte GA-X58A-UD3R

just wondered if anybody can confirm if this motherboard takes ddr3 1600 because i have seen in many blogs and even (BIT TECHS mag custom pc) that it does but it sais nothing about it on retailers websites or even gigabytes site ?

i was also wondering if people could recomend this mobo or if there is somthing better for similar price ?

thanks for all answers!
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  1. It should take 1600 MHz memory, although you'd need to adjust some BIOS settings for it to run at that speed.
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    It certainly does tell you #8 on the Giga-Byte website page for that mobo.
    not to mention the memory support pdf too
  3. I have a UD3R in one of my computers and am using 6 gig of 1600 ram with no problems whatsoever. In fact, page 10 of my manual says it will support all the way up to DDR3 2100. I didn't have to make any particular BIOS setting adjustments, although if fine tuning for best performance, you may choose to do so.
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