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I flashed my Bios ASUS P6X58D premium with the 1501 and I used the ASUS flash utility. It said the restart and it reboot with a blank screen. I pulled the plug so I can wait a little bit then plugged it back in and it reboot but later said to press f1 for somethng and F2 to load the default settings...I pressed F2 and then it reboot but this time after a while it said I was missing the OS. Well after I went into the BIOS and went to the storage part to let it boot from the 1 hard drive out of the 3..I got the same "missing operation system" then I did the other drive and it did the same thing...then I realized that I have it on both as a RAID 0...and I was like OH NO! Please if someone can help me on this...This could cost my job since my work is on the drive as well. Please...Thank you
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  1. 12 People looked at this and they must have been as new as me. I solved my own problem.
    Since it loads as defaults the RAID has to be set again and also make sure to put the OS as your first drive to boot. I thought there were suppose to be professionals here...haha. I just made my day.
  2. After updating a bios you are always supposed to load optimized defaults, then change the settings back to what you need them at. Updating a bios will almost always change some settings which is why you need to go through this procedure when updating a bios.
  3. Joe. According to the timestamps on your two posts, your second post occurred 38 minutes after your first.

    Most of the regulars here have a real live and do no cruise the forums looking for new posts. When it happens though, great.

    However, glad you found your problem.
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