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Hi, I just got a 14" Dell TFT monitor. Currently I own a 17" Dell TFT. My graphics card has a DVI and a VGA port. Now, both of the monitors are VGA, so to solve this I went out and got a single VGA-DVI adaptor. I added that one to the 17" TFT.

When I hook both of them up to the GPU, nothing happens. Only the VGA one works.

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  1. O, PS. I'm on Vista Ultimate.
  2. What graphics card are you using? ATI or Nvidia?

    Right click your desktop, click Personalize.
    Click Display settings on the bottom of the screen that pops up.
    A small window with a black box with a "1" in it and another grey box with "2" should pop up.
    Click the box with "2".
    Right under that there should be 2 small check boxes, click the one that says "extend the desktop onto this monitor".
  3. ^ You know what fixed it? I restarted the PC. :)

    Thanks for the reply though. I do have another question... Dual Monitoring uses up more CPU then having it on one screen does it not?

    I used to have 2 firefoxes open at once, and my CPU would not pass 40%... Now, it hits pass 70%. Any ideas?
  4. Not from what i can tell when i switch from dual to single monitors, although im using an overclocked e8500 @ ~3.6. It could be more noticable with lower clocked CPUs.
  5. Hey thanks. I also have another problem. When I boot the PC for the first time, it will always boot up into the second screen. Once it reaces the log-in screen, then it switches over to the primary one.

    Any advice on how to fix that?
  6. maybe try switching the primary display to the other screen and reboot to see if it works.

    or switch which monitor is in the left DVI port with the one in the right?
  7. ^^ Posible, Let me try.
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