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I recently installed a new video card in my PC. The old video card was a Nvidia GeForce9600, the new card was the one my brother was using but recently upgraded, Radeon 4850. So after I installed a Radeon 4850 into my Asus p5kpl-cm, and turned it on, the ethernet port in the back didn't light up, and according to my router, had no connectivity. I assumed I must have busted it somehow and decided to buy a network card as a quick fix. I bought a D-Link DFE-530TX 10/100. Anyways, the light in the back now shows, and the router shows I have connectivity, but my computer still does not have any internet connection, I've already installed the drivers that came with the network card, and disabled the on-board NIC... what else needs to be done to get the internet working again? Thanks for any help! :)
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  1. Well I have an update.

    I thought maybe for some reason it was the new video card that somehow changed something so I decided to put in my old 9600, when I did that though, I got a no signal and no POST beep, all of a sudden it's like my cpu just refused to do anything. So I put back in my new video card 4850, and still no monitor display and no POST beep...

    Does this mean my motherboard is fried? Or maybe my PSU isn't supplying enough power?

    So now assuming I manage to fix this, I still have the problem of the internet.

    Anyone have any suggestions?!
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