How hot is too hot for my computer?

I purchased a Gateway LX6810-01 about 13 months ago and within the last couple of weeks, the thing is just powering off with no warning. I play WoW a lot, and this is typically when it will shut down. I can sometimes play for an hour...sometimes 5 minutes - then black screen without any warning.

I have checked out a couple of postings about this model of computer and found that it has some issues with overheating and such (YAY Gateway)... My main concern is that I am going to ruin the computer if I don't upgrade something...but I don't know what. I have some friends that say that the power supply is most likely causing the computer to overheat and power off - but that just doesn't seem right to me...but then again, I am here asking, which means I do not know too much about computers. I downloaded SpeedFan to monitor, and get a feeling for the computer temperatures, and this is what I usually get:

GPU: 140F
Temp1: 93F
Temp2: 84F
Temp 3: 70F
Core 0: 108F
Core 1: 95F
Core 2: 102F
Core 3: 102F

The shutting down usually happens around 170~ or so...which in my opinion is way too hot...

I went and purchased a new heat sink...but it appears that with this model of computer, I am going to have fun looking for one that will actually work with the motherboard. The type that is installed onto the core/motherboard has "screws" holding in the heat sink...and I purchased the kind that you lay on top of the core, and pop right in the motherboard. I have taken this back, and cannot find one to replace the current one at all (YAY Gateway, again). This model of computer also has no case I will be getting two in the near future to remedy this problem - the only fans that it has are the heat sink fan, a fan on the graphics card, and the outtake fan from the powersupply.

Any help or suggestions would be greatly I spent quite a bit of money on this system and do not want it to crash on me.

Thanks for your time!
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  1. List your power supply and video card specs. The ps specs should be listed on the label, especially the 12v amp ratings. High end video cards do require a good quality ps. Your shutdown temp is about right. At 75c, some windows versions will crash.
  2. The power supply is 400W (I will take it apart to get the 12v amp ratings if you absolutely need them), and the Video Card is a NVidia GE Force GT120...

    Thanks for the quick response!
  3. The 12v amp ratings should be on the label, but don't take the ps apart. You can remove it if the label is underneath. If the specs aren't listed on the label, then they won't be available. See if you see any sign of a brand, such as fortron or antec anywhere on the label. Those brands are pretty good. To fix your problem, you can try running your system with the side panel off for better cooling as a temporary solution until you can add an extra case fan on the front and back. I don't have a pic of your system, so I don't know if you can add another fan yourself. And remember it could also be your video card that's overheated or stressed out by the game. You may be able to lower the resolution settings to prevent the blank screens until you figure out if you want to change the power supply or add additional fans. I recommend the following power supply brands all available at newegg: corsair, pc power and cooling, seasonic, antec, enermax and some models of ocz, which I use (but I'm not a gamer). Corsair with a high single 12v rail is always good. Good luck.
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