Komputerbay 16GB DDR3 CL7 1333 for $380. What about quality?

Amazon is selling 4x4GB RAM CL7 DDR3 1333Mhz for $380. It's a very good price and performance. But I wonder about the Komputerbay brand. How good are they? They are offering life time warranty.

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  1. Never heard about that brand and couldn't find any reviews for it either,but why do you even want 16GB of RAM ? 4GB is quite fine for today's games/apps(or 8GB if its heavy usage)
  2. 4GB is not enough for a developer who has several apps open in a 64bit Windows. I want to dedicate a whole 4GB to Visual Studio. I want to work in a screaming fast computer. You'll appreciate it when every task and click responds very fast and it's a joy to work.

    Why not if I can afford it?
  3. Well,then like i said 8GB is the max i recommend for extremely-heavy usage.
    About the link you posted,well its has a great price,no doubts about it,but it doesn't have any reviews, also its not as reputable as brands like Corsair,OCZ,Geil,G.Skill etc.
  4. 8GB is not enough. There's no reason to limit memory. It never hurts to add more and the more the better. Enough for a gamer but not enough for someone who opens many apps and wants everything cached.
  5. I know it's not known like the others. I don't want to be in a "you get what you pay for" situation and get memory which gets bad quickly. There are no reviews so I can't judge. It seems it's a new company/product and Amazon added it less than a month ago. The odd thing is that I can't find a site for Komputerbay. Which company is behind them?
  6. As for 8GB or higher,I don't want to limit you,you can get any capacity you like,i just said that judging from the reviews i read,but its your choice :)
    I did a search and it seems its a RAM which is mostly used in laptops,
    "Great pricing for sure, although never heard of the brand. It looks like the actual memory chips are samsung, which is generally very good."
  7. Just a head's up... This posting has me wondering if they're not a bunch of scam artists....


    and, apparently the photos are NOT accurate (not samsung chipsets)...
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