Windows 7 error on boot after install to SSD

I have been trying to install Windows 7 Ultimate on an SSD I have and am having difficulties after the install. The SSD is a 100 GB Samsung 'mccoe1hg5mxp-0vbd3' or also named 'SS805'. This SSD was introduced in 2009. I believe that it was first installed in a server but now I have it in a desktop (as listed). I think that this drive is good because I placed it in another system as a test as a secondary drive just for data and it showed up fine. I could read/write files with no problem.

Issue: I am able to install from the Windows DVD with no errors until after it is done copying & expanding files and the PC reboots. It states "A disk read error occurred. press Ctrl+Alt+Del to restart". I did the install again with the drive partitioned and formatted properly and had the same issue. Also, to note, I have no other devices,cards,memory,misc installed in this system. It still has the same components in it as when it was first purchased.

In the Bios for the SSD it is set on configuration 'Enhanced' and the mode to 'IDE'. I also tried 'Compatible' but had the same issues. I tried 'AHCI' as well(and from what I understand, this is the preferred method) and ran into the same problem. From research I found that if it is set to 'AHCI', I should not have to load any drivers for the drive during the install. I have also tried searching for the driver for this SSD on Samsung's site and had no luck as no models were listed under 'SS805'. Nor could I find any on the net. If I could find the most updated driver, then I would use it for the install while in the 'IDE' mode. I also flashed my bios to the latest firmware but have the same problem. I have read through the forums and saw that sometimes there can be alignment issues with solid state drives but I also read that the Windows7 installer is supposed to do the alignment for you.

As a test to see if it would work, I was able to install WinXP 64-bit with no problems at all on the SSD. I then ran the install for Windows 7 while booted into WinXP and this time after copying & expanding files, the pc booted with no disk read error at all. I thought all was good until the setup got to the last step where it says 'Completing Installation' and then it gave error “Windows Setup could not configure Windows on this computer's hardware”. I am now 'back to square one'.

Please forgive me if the fix for this is listed in another thread. I mostly see tips for tweaking but not too much listed for install issues. I searched quite a bit and decided to create a new thread because I have a totally different model SSD.

Thanks in advance for your advice.

Asus Essentio CG5275-AR003
Intel Core i5 650 / 3.2 GHz
8-core, 64-bit
Chipset type: Intel H55 Express, 1333.0 MHz data bus speed
L2 cache
8.0 GB DDR3 SDRAM @ 1333.0 MHz
Storage Controller: 1.0 x Serial ATA - Integrated, Serial ATA-300
Power supply: 400.0 Watt
American Megatrends Bios v.0502 (AMIBIOS)
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  1. I am not sure if this would help but maybe a "secure erase" could help your SSD. Take a look at this short guide
  2. Thanks, I will give it a try but I think the issue lies with there being an incompatibility with the drive and Windows 7...I will reply to this if it works
  3. Here is some additional troubleshooting I have done:
    - Updated drive FW from 'VBC3AD3Q' to 'VBC3CD3Q'
    - I have another SSD same model/Samsung,size,specs that I tried and have same issue(s)
    - tried drive diagnostics with an application called HD Tune Pro...results are listed below in these links:
    Read transfer rate:
    UDMA Mode 6
    Transfer Rate Minimum : 66.8 MB/s
    Transfer Rate Maximum : 122.8 MB/s
    Transfer Rate Average : 117.1 MB/s
    Access Time : 0.120 ms
    Burst Rate : 163.2 MB/s
    CPU Usage : 8.0%

    - tried installing Win 7 on the SSD on another system (Dell) and have same exact issue/error as listed above initially
    - as a test I installed Win 7 on a regular SATA HDD (not an SSD) in this PC (ASUS) and all installed perfectly

    I usually do not give up on an issue like this but I have no clue as what to try next...
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