P7P55D-E Pro Video Card LED not on.

Hi I have a
P7P55D-E Pro
i5-661 3.33ghz Dual-Core
Antec 1000w True Power Quattro
(Misc Video Cards)

My computer does not post. I already know that my ram may be the problem as it was not stated by the QVL so that light stays on. However, I noticed that when I take out the video card, the LED light does not turn on and stay steady. There's a extremely short blink and then it goes off. Would this mean a faulty motherboard?
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  1. QVLs are not updated as often. It does not mean that the RAM module is not compatible if it is not in QVL.

    Pls check documentation of the RAM modules, frequency, voltage requirements, etc. and compare them to the M/B specifications.

    Pls check if RAM modules are seated properly and all the way down. Also check if RAM frequency is supported natively. Otherwise, you may have to enable D.O.C.P. or X.M.P. mode in BIOS once you get POST.

    If VGA LED is shining red when it is in place, you may try reseating it, making external power connections, etc..

    After checking the connections (cpu 4/8-pin power connector, cpu fan connector, vga ext power connector, M/B 24-pin connector, etc.), start your PC. If your M/B does not post, press Mem-O.K. button.

    Hope the above helps.
  2. Well the video card LED does not shine at all. There's just a short blink and that's it. It doesn't shine if it's in place or not. It just doesn't shine. So you're saying I should just ignore that and worry about the ram? That it doesn't assume that the motherboard is faulty?
  3. No. I am not saying to you to ignore it. If the vga led comes on red and goes off, it means the vga is working well. In my PC it lights up red about 2 seconds and then goes off. My vga card is Radeon HD5770. What is your card ?

    Also tell us about your RAM, the specs.so that we may be able to tell you something.
  4. How would the vga card be working well if it's not even in it? That's what I was trying to explain, hahah. That the motherboard was seems to say it was working well even though I unplugged the vga card.

    Well thanks for trying, but I swapped the board and it's working perfect now. Just a faulty board. Thanks a lot for the help though! :)
  5. I am sorry but I do not understand why you want to run your PC w/o a vga card.

    Which board is it you just swapped ? In your naming convention, board is for M/B and card is for vga ? Do you have a computer shop where you have lots of spares lying around ?

    Anyway, I am glad you sorted your problem.
  6. Hahah I wouldn't want to run my PC w/o a vga card.

    I was simply troubleshooting as it would not POST. By taking out the VGA card, I can see that the motherboard does not detect that a VGA card was not in place, therefore the Motherboard was faulty. It was because the LED light blinked then turned off even when there is no VGA card in place. It wasn't supposed to be doing that.

    I swapped for the same board. Thanks for the help. I love Tom's Hardware. :D
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