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Pen drive not showing in my computer

my 1 gb pen drive not open any computer
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    Well, then that means it gone bad. If it isn't being detected in any computer.
    By the way how many rigs have you tried it in, if it more than 5 , then toss the Pen Drive or get it replaced if it's in the warranty period.
  2. Same thing happened to my transcend 8gb flash drive. It is now undetected by my pc. Any idea how to recover the data.
  3. You can't be recovering Data from an undetected device. It first needs to be detected by the system as to what it is..... isn't that logical.
    And flash drives aren't the most reliable things around. it's electronic media, it could end up getting screwed anytime due to any electrical loose contact or discharge. It's meant for temporary transfer of data from one thing to another....
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