Questions about i5-3570K temps, fan speed/airflow, CPU speeds, etc.

Hi. I just finished building my new rig, and I'm wondering whether the CPU temperatures are OK. I searched, but it's tough to say with different people's setups.

- ASRock Z77 Extreme6 Mobo
- i5-3570K at stock speed
- Cooler Master 212+
- Lian-Li Lancool First Knight mid-tower case with 2 x 140mm front fans and a single 120mm rear exhaust; bottom-mounted PSU with bottom intake (PSU intake fan is facing bottom, too)
- Radeon 7850

Temperatures so far:
- Idle = 36-37 C
- 5 mins of IntelBurnTest (standard setting) = 63-64 C


1. First of all, do the temps seem OK? I haven't done any extensive, longer testing or gaming yet, but then again, I haven't done any OC'ing, so I just want to make sure things are well within the acceptable range at stock levels. Intel lists "Tcase" for 3570K at 67.4 C, but some other folks are referencing "Tmax". Confused here.

2. How should I set the CPU and case fans in BIOS? ASRock gives me options to set all three case fans at FULL ON or specific level (1 through 9). Obviously FULL ON means more airflow, but also more noise. What's an acceptable setting for these? They're all 3-pin fans, but I don't think that means they would automatically increase the speed when the temperatures get higher, correct?

Now on the CPU fan subject... It's set to AUTOMATIC, but I also have a setting for "target temperature" and "target level". That's confusing. If the target temperature is set to 50C and target level is set to 9 (by default), then the fan is pretty loud even though the idle temperature is at 38. But if I set the target level to 1, and leave target temperature at 50C, will it speed up when the temps get higher than 50C? Sorry to be a noob about this. I thought automatic means automatic. How do you recommend setting this?

3. CPU speed... Because I want the computer to be quiet when it's idle, I thought it'd be good to use "balanced" power plan in Win 7, keeping the CPU cooler and therefore the fans less noisy. This seems to set the CPU at 1600Mhz at idle, going up to 3800MHz at load. Does this seem correct? I thought 3570K is clocked at 3.4 GHz, not 3.8. Is that the "Turbo" that i keep reading about? Obviously, a little confused about that, too. :-) If somebody could explain, that'd be great... Do people generally NOT do a dynamic CPU speed thing and set it to one constant setting?

Your help and clarifications are much appreciated!
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  1. I hae a Gigabyte Z77 board with that same CPU and cooler and I get 34-36 idle in CoreTemp. I haven't messed with fan speed or overclocking so I can't help you there. Get CoreTemp and run it during a game. It saves the temps to a log.
  2. Thanks... I'll try CoreTemp later today... In the meantime, I found this that seems to address my question #2 about the fans configuration:

    If anyone has more experience about that, though, feel free to jump in... Or about any other part of the original post.
  3. Last night, I ran IntelBurnTest on Maximum for 10 iterations... Max temperature was 69 C on one of the cores, reported in CoreTemp. i don't have any games installed right now, and it might be a while before I do, so these kinds of tests are what I can run right now. I did run 3DMark11, and saw temps around 64C.

    I just didn't have a point of reference, having come over from a much older CPU before this. Again, I'm running at stock speeds right now, so I'd like to know if the temperatures I'm seeing are normal/good/acceptable.
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