New rig making suspicious noises

Computer I just built seems to run fine. But whenever its extracting/loading/downloading stuff it makes a faint 'rat tat tat tat' sound. Doesn't sound all that normal. I don't know maybe I'm being paranoid.

Would this be harddrive? I've been trying to identify the sound. Would a remounting of the drive be my best bet?

Hard drive is a Samgsung Spinpoint F3 500gb. It's connected with a sata power and sata interface data cables.
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  1. Could be any of the moving parts (drives, fans). If you opened your case but still cannot locate the sound, try stopping the fans one by one with a screwdriver. Don't do it for long to make sure nothing overheats, though. That way you can find out whether it's one of the fans. If not: it's not likely that remounting a drive would fix it - unless it's not tightly mounted right now.
  2. Hard drives do make a chugging, clicking noise if they're on their last legs. Sounds like they're stuck on the same bit, rather than the healthy, randomised gentle clicking and popping they make.

    If you think your drive is at death's door, make sure you've got a recent backup of stuff (and ideally backup this suspect drive to a separate place, to avoid overwriting a good backup with a corrupt copy from a suspect drive). Then download tools from your drive manufacturer's site (in your case, go to SAMSUNG Hard Disk Drive - support and download ES-Tool) and run all the full diagnostic utilities available. If a full sector-by-sector check of the disk doesn't come back with any warnings or errors, you can breath easier.

    But always have your stuff backed up anyhow, because the day eventually comes when a drive full of important files crashes, never to be revived.
  3. I just bought the hard drive this week..Maybe newegg sold me a bunk piece of hardware?

    Upon opening the case the sounds were definitely coming from the hard drive.
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