AMD phenom X4 965 BE 4ghz Are my temps good?

I recently installed a corsair h60 with one 120mm fan (not stock fan) and overclocked my AMD Phenom II X4 965 to 4ghz, 1.45v.

I haven't stressed tested my processor very much with prime 95 caused I assumed around 6 hours of skyrim on max would give me, what realistic temps I would be getting while using it (Purely gaming), which the max was around 57c.

It idles around 40-42c...Are these temps good? I've heard the safe zone is anywhere under 70, mid 60's, but I would like to get a couple opinions.

Thank you for your time.
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  1. Depends on what your ambient temp is,
    I'd look to lowering the voltage if you can, and definitely get the second fan on there for pushpull,
    max safe temps as per Amd site is 62'c, but I've had my 975 at 70'c on Prime with Ibt running at the same time with no damage, I wouldn't push a 965 too hard though with voltage,
    ideally you don't want to see your chip over 55'c, but the lower the better ofc
  2. i am planning on adding a second fan but i need another set of those long screws. I'll see if I can undervolt it when I get home. How much of a temp drop would I see with push pull, and what voltage should I put it on?
    This is my first time doing major overclocking so I'm just going off of a few guides I read on my cpu.
  3. Another question, would I be able to add 2 screws each to the fans, diagonally? Or would they wobble and vibrate too much. The H60 only came with 4 fan mounting screws.
  4. Check your modding sites for fanmount screws, any screw about 30mm will reach though,
    You can mount with less than four screws but I would advise you use four on each fan just for security/noise avoidance
    pushpull should give you at least 3'c drop, maybe 5 or more depending on your overall caseflow
    and start with 1.375v, its low for a 965 but you got to start somewhere safe right?
  5. I installed push/pull and idle temps immediately dropped to 30-32, I haven't stress tested it yet but I am planning to. Also I'm using the auto voltage thing on my motherboard and it usually sits around 1.45-1.46 ( I know its not recommended but with the temps I'm getting I don't care very much)
  6. Put that voltage on manual and see how much lower you can get it, that is the most effective method of reducing temps, plus it stops your mobo from suddenly deciding you need 1.8v and frying your chip :-)
    Nice to see a 10'c drop from the second fan though huh?
  7. It was nice to see the drop, the only gripe now I have is the stock fan that comes with the H60 is LOUD. I have 7 other 120mm fans plugged into a fan controller, and I usually have em on 100% power. Even with it plugged into the motherboard power this fan is louder than the rest combined. I'll mess with the voltages to see how low I can go, thanks for all of the advice : ) Judging from the info I've given do you think it would be possible to bump it up to 4.2? I want to squeeze as much juice as I can out of this thing, and once again Thank you :)
  8. Grab two matched fans and put the stock one in a drawer for later/modding,
    whether that particular chip can handle 4.2GHz is down to trial and error, thats the joy of clocking hehe,
    we could buy two chips off the same production run, yours may get 4.2GHz, mine may not even budge from stock, its a very intriguing game :)
    even with years of experience and good watercooling you may only get that to 4GHz stable, but some new guy with a golden chip will up the multi and get 4.4GHz without even knowing how,
    life can be cruel :)
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