Can I run the 260 GTX 896 DDR 3 ram Maxcore Nvidia card?

I am currently running an nvidia GTS 250 CARD and I want to upgrade to an nvidia GTX 260. Would I be able to run it or no?
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  1. If you are running a GTS 250, I would imagine you would be able to run a GTX 260, but I can't really tell you without a few more details about your system. But if you are upgrading, why a GTX 260? the performance increase over a GTS 250 is really not that much, especially for the money you would pay for a 260. If you are upgrading, you'll want to go up a couple levels more, or wait a little longer till you can afford more.
  2. Well I bought My GTS 250 a couple days ago and I can still return my card, also, My system specs are

    8200 intel quad core processor @ 2.33ghz
    4 gb of DDR2 ram
    Asus PQL 5 PRO motherboard
    coolmax 500w PSU
    window 7 64 bit
  3. I wouldn't imagine you'd have trouble with a GTX 260 on that setup. The only thing that would have any impact on it on your setup would be the PSU, which should be good enough.
  4. Alright cool thanks!
  5. No problem
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