Slingbox connection problem

I hve downloaded the slingbox program onto my laptop's new hardrive. It worked at home but won't connect away from home. Any advice?
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  1. I presume this program allows you to view content on your PC/laptop from the Slingbox connected to your TV and home network.

    If you want to access that same content away from home, then you have to a) locate your public IP (do you know how to do that?), and b) open and forward the port(s) required by Slingbox so your network traffic at that public IP is redirected to the Slingbox.

    Those are the basic elements. You need to indicate what if any of these steps you’ve already taken.
  2. What is a public IP? I have a wireless network at my site away from home which I used.

    I never had to forward ports last year with my old hard drive. The problem started after I had to get a new hard drive for my laptop. I downloaded the software from Slingbox. The program worked when I was home. Now that I am away it tells me it can't connect.
  3. Let's make sure we're on the same page. I assume you're trying to access your Slingbox at home from work or on the road, via the Internet, is that correct?
  4. Yes. The slingbox is set up at home. I am away on vacation with my lap top. The slingbox tells me it cannot connect when I try to access it. This has occurred since I replaced my damaged hard drive and downloaded the program on to the new hard drive.
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