M2n sli deluxe wont boot

Hello, i have a probem wih my motherboard, it start booting xp then resets constantly
maybe 1 in 50 times it will boot up and work ok, if i go into bios it say the lan cable is shorting out which i know it isnt as i tried a different 1, if i take the lan cable out it wont boot at all it just resets all the time between 1 second to 1 minute help appreciated
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  1. try removing network cable from connector on IO panel and look at the 8 pins to be sure that they are all straight (not bent or touching each other) , then install a network card (hopefully you have one just lying around and don't have to spend anything for the use of it for the test, borrow if you have to) , then start computer , "delete" to enter BIOS and disable onboard network , "F10" to save and restart. with some luck that will resolve your problem and your OS will detect the new card and you'll be on your way.
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