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Hi, I got my new Sapphire HD 5770 yesterday I spend around 4 hours to fix problems. When I installed it was on xp everything was working fine except I couldn't install the latest driver available so I decided to install Windows 7 to get the new driver and directx 11 . The installation went very well until I was on the desktop I installed the driver everything was working fine than 5 minutes later my cursor was frozen in the middle of my desktop so I decided to restart my computer and the problem was recurring I taught maybe it was because I was on windows 7 64 bit so I re-installed in 32 bit but the problem was the same and finally I put it back on xp and it was working fine except for the driver wouldn't install can anyone help me with that how could I install windows 7 and get directx 11 without crashing every time I open it

I'm french sorry for the mistakes
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  1. No problem, I think I got what you are saying. Is this a completely new build, or was this a 5770 added to an existing system? If we know the other components were working fine in the past, we can skip some diagnostic steps. Also, could you list the rest of your computer specifications? And where are you getting your driver from, the ATI site? Be sure to get the Driver/CCC suite for your exact OS (and 32/64 bit).
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