How e6550 overclock to 3.0ghz

now i just oc my e6550 from 2.33 to 2.75 using (394 FSB x7)
if i increase the FSB more than 394 the PC will not boot to windows after Saving changes to BIOS and restarting.
i want to overclock my e6550 to 3.0ghz like (428 FSBx7)
i've read all threads but it stuck.

this is my pc spec :-

core 2 duo processor e6550 2.33ghz
motherboard asus p5g41t m lx g41 chpset
8 GB 1333 ram ddr3 (4x2)
value cooler fan x2
230 HDD
230 PSU
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  1. If you read all threads you should know that you should try increasing the voltage
  2. my pc will not boot the windows if i increase my volt.
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