Overclocking MSI 6850 Cyclone

So I have been working on OCing my 6850 and so far so good. Here is a pic of the results.

The thing is, I have seen that in almost every case people have pushed the memory clock to at least 1150. As soon as I do so I get artifacts like crazy. I have the voltage at 1174mV and haven't bothered with the triple voltage feature. If that would allow me to hit my goal then, please, someone tell me how exactly. My temp in furmark, after 10 mins or so, stays around 84 Celsius. It is a bit high but I can blame that on my cases terrible airflow, upgrading soon. This temp is safe correct? I have read that under 90 is fine.

While 25 MHz isn't much, I want the most out of my card without destroying it. Also, as most people are aware of, raising the memory clock on a 6850 really gets things moving.

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  1. Hello,

    84C on your OC GPU is a bit on the high side. You will definitely wear out your GPU faster at that heat.

    If the GPU gives articfacts at 1150 mem - but it's "fine" at 1125Mem I would suggest going back at least 100Mhz.

    If you keep those speeds - your going to risk losing your GPU faster than normal.

    2 options:

    1) Keep your speed -risk losing your GPU at any moment and spending another 100-150 on a new GPU

    2) Roll back a hundred or so Mhz and give your GPU more time to live.
  2. According to AMD up to 100 is safe. Most people like to keep them under 90. The temp is average from what Iv'e seen, mind you this is in furmark, the temps are much different while gaming. 100MHz less is just 50MHz over stock, seems rather pointless.

    Do you know anything about the triple overvoltage feature?
  3. Yes I already know up to 100 is ok. But running anywhere near that is NOT good.

    I don't know much about the triple overvoltage protection, however I do know no same 2 boards are alike.

    You can get 1 GPU that can OC like mad, where as another similar one would not do so well.
  4. But as I said, it is 25 MHz. I haven't even come close to pushing this thing to full potential. Most OCs I see on this thing are hitting 960 to 990 on core and 1200 on mem... Only reason I don't want to do that is that to do so I would have to boost my voltage to 1.2+.

    At this point I might as well open a thread about the triple over voltage feature, then I can do this myself. If anyone can give me tips, please do so here :D
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