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am swoping m board to a asus with a 20-8 pin panel connector but existing one 14 pins (acer m3641)any easy ways of overcoming problem help
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  1. Can you provide more details? What do you mean by "20-8 pin panel connector"? What Asus motherboard did you buy? If you refer to the front panel connector, then you'll have to figure out what each wire does. It would help if you provided good quality pictures of the Acer connector.
  2. it is a p5qpl vm epu board the acer connector is 8 wires going into a black oblong block with 2 rows of 7 female connections one is blank for oriantation, i think am just going to have to figure out what each wire does and adapt and modify?
  3. If you want to reuse the Acer case, then you are correct. It shouldn't be that difficult.
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